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    What approx. percentage of your sales originate from an offer or contact through a landing page?
    Do you house your landing pages primarily on your own website, and if so, is that more fruitful than a parking site?
    Which parking sites allow pages?
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    there are tons of threads and many posts on this. so you will very unlikely find older members wanting to repeat themselves.

    thus, only one thing left to do.. I recommend google: "namepros landing pages"

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    Most sales come to own sales pages. Advantage of this is you can build your own end user database and route direct to your own escrow service of choice with no commissions being paid. Still list at Afternic, Sedo etc... but I never point my names to them as most sales leads come in through the lander so no sense handing a percentage of a sale away for nothing. Would give Afternic the lead for 2017 sales behind my own sales pages where the majority of the sales happen.

    As far as pay per click parking or sales pages easy to determine. Run your names for a few months on pay per click and then run stats and move the ones not making revenue direct to sales pages as an xxx-xxxx sale trumps many months/years of making .0, .10, .25, .50 etc... as most parking earnings come from a small percentage of a domainers total portfolio unless they built their entire portfolio strictly based on pay per click earnings. So the ones making revenue makes sense but if no earnings the equivalent of an advertising billboard in the desert. Maybe the lizard will click an ad? :ROFL:

    Reasonably Priced:

    Do your own?

    I have tried a ton of sales pages/scripts since 2003 or wasted a bunch of $ on a folder of scripts I no longer use :ROFL: and still tweak/test different formats/colors etc... or A/B test. Simple clean pages name, email, phone, ip, offer have always worked the best for me.

    Domainers care about statistics end users not so much as no end user has asked me for statistics in 14 years so keep it clean and less confusing as your average internet user (non domainer) is easily confused. Goal is to get the offer quick and work it not confuse them with useless statistics they don't care about or data overload. When an end user inquires first it's already determined they want the name so no selling/statistics are needed just price negotiations have to take place to see if you align on pricing. Statistics are for people that spam cold leads trying to justify why someone needs or should buy their domain. Good domains where an end user knocks on your domain landing page door first and ya can throw statistics away as they are already there to buy if the pricing aligns.
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