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With the rise in value of LLLL.coms, what is the demand like for L--L.coms? There are only 676 combinations of these. Has anyone gotten any offers for theirs?
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L--A [com] -- (I'm not quite sure when I picked this up).

Offers: mid $$$ and numerous other queries.

I still have it and am definitely willing to sell it (listed at Go Daddy).

I think it's the only L--L that I have.

It redirects to my memoir, much of which takes place in L.A.

I think the offers are coming from people with initials "L.A." (LOL).
I have 4, all western high premium, 2 are CP. I had a reseller bid about $100 back in 2008, nothing since. Many of the best letters are owned by one guy, and I can't find many (or any) end user websites.

They are dreadfully rare, all gone now, but there were lots a couple years ago. Note that hyphens cannot begin or end a domain, and triple hyphens are currently forbidden. There are NO L---Ls or longer as the rules now sit. I think are a lot better for end users.
I would think double letters:, would be worth keeping, maybe a very few others. But with so few out there there is no telling what can happen.