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discuss It seems like many "domainers" want to sell quickly for low price



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There are many reasons or strategies I can think of for doing this.
  1. It may be a good way to sell lower-end domains.
  2. They could be testing a new strategy.
  3. They may want to stay visible promoting this way to give their higher value domains more exposure.
  4. They want to build up their reputation on NP and this is a quick way to do it.
  5. It could make them feel better to be selling anything so they keep doing it.
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There's nothing wrong with that ofcourse, i respect that, but do they have not enough patience ...
How did you come to this conclusion? Stats or link?
A lot of noobs lately hoping to scratch the big ticket using money they cant tie up long term may be part reason. I am renewing as we speak

1.00 Canadian Dollar =

0.79865353 US Dollars :xf.frown:
I have to add 20% to compensate for our limp loonie but i am in for long haul