Is Sedo worth it?

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Been away for a long time, been super passive with my domain names, not buying much and just waiting on offers/sales, but recently bought a bunch of domains and have everything listed on afternic and use dan landers.

But now that you have do self verify on sedo it would appear I have to change the name servers back to original godaddy and add the txt records possibly 1 by 1, not sure if can do bulk on that, and just wait for a day or so for them to verify while everything is shut off?

plus I read only 2% of end users buy on Sedo, is it really worth it? Especially the full network isn't included because godaddy doesn't support that?

I am thinking it's not worth it, what does anyone think?
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Indeed it can be a pain listing domains with sedo. The only other alternative I know is to temporarily point the domains at Sedo name servers before you bulk submit them for listing, this is usually takes around 24 to 48 hours to show as listed (can be as quick as a couple of hours on a week day submission). So either way your into some nameserver editing. then of course your into editing twice as you point back to your original listing, though this can usually be done with a single click from the site you purchased from. .

As for sales I've not heard the 2 % end-user figure before. I'm not sure how anyone can determine if it's an end user purchase or not. So I would take that figure with a big pinch of salt. Sedo do seem to have the lions share of the resale market as the biggest reseller by far. So that keeps me there. Do look out for the various commission charge structures when you use a multi-site listing approach.

Adding the Sedo txt record shouldn't change your live listing that's already in place as it's just and additional (separate) server reference. so no down-time
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But you have to set the nameservers back to godaddy original from pointed at afternic in order to set the txt records. So I would be having a bunch of domains with no sales page landers for a day or 2. Not that I am getting sales all the time or anything, just don't look forward to doing that, just in case. lol
Going forward I see that when I get new domain names, I just add the sedo txt record and leave it at default name servers and then add it to sedo and it verifies in about 1 minute every time.

As far as all the old one that I tried to add a few days ago and were pending, I just did a test and deleted one then changed nameservers back to original and added the txt record then added it back to sedo and once again it verified in 1 minute.
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