Is Rightside on the Wrongside?

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    I’ve just spent the last couple of hours reading reports and listening to updates on publicly listed company, Rightside, post their sale of Enom. Trawling through all the data has been confusing to say the least with numbers from different sources not seeming to correlate with each other. After all of this what are my conclusions?

    With the sale of Enom, Rightside is putting more of its eggs in the new gTLD basket. Is this a brilliant move or more of a train wreck in slow motion? Obviously, a lot will depend upon the growth in the ngTLD market. is suggesting Rightside grew their number of registered ngTLDs by 29,537 last quarter which means they are growing at about 13%. From a revenue perspective, they managed to increase by 23% in Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016. All these are good healthy numbers.

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    I was honestly happy to hear that eNom was sold. Maybe now, current eNom customers may have a fighting chance for good customer service once again. The entire system has had numerous bug issues for quite some time and a lot of features that should be able to be updated, such as allowed api IP's may finally be integrated in and functional. Tucows is an industry leader in domains and I really hope they can sprinkle some magic on eNom. eNom used to be an awesome registrar back in the day and it slowly crippled under rightside's ownership.
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    So as I see it right side used to own enom who also used to own nj?

    As I am still waiting for marketing emails from nj to stop nj won't stop them enom then started to communicate with me but still unwanted nj marketing emails continue to arrive

    Never known incompetence like it
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    They will burn through all the cash marketing new TLDs.

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