Is HugeDomains warehousing Dropcatch's discounted back orders?

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  1. Praveen Chidaboyina PRO VIP Gold Account

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    I have placed a multiple discounted backorders on Dropcatch for the last couple of days and all were picked by HugeDomains., Partner, Partner, Partner, Partner, Partner, Partner

    I highly suspect HugeDomains activity on Dropcatch discounted auctions and I guess they are scanning all caught discounted backorders and will keep the domains for themselves. We need to identify a good domain name and give it to HugeDomains for free!

    This is really unfair and @DropCatch Support I would like to hear your thoughts on it!
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  2. jideofor

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    Your suspicions are not far fetched. It was why I am very reluctant to use their service. I wish pheenix didn't die. Apparently, we have only dropcatch and snapnames to contend with.
  3. DropCatch Support

    DropCatch Support Established Member

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    Thanks for raising your concern. The discount club backorder was designed as a third-tier backorder. Our Terms and Conditions clearly outlines HugeDomains, as designated as a partner backorder, will be awarded the domain name in the event no regular priced backorders exist and they have backordered the domain through our platform. For reference, this is exactly how we state it in our Terms and Conditions:

    "Discount Club backorders are considered third-tier backorders and receive third-tier ("Last") prioritization as explained in in this Agreement per section "Backorder Prioritization". This means that if there is a regular Full Priced backorder on a domain, or if there is a Corporate Partner backorder on a domain, the Discount Club backorder will be considered a failed Discount Club backorder and the customer will not be charged nor awarded the domain, and the domain will be awarded to one of the higher tiered prioritizations."

    HugeDomains is held to the same guidelines as every customer on the DropCatch platform. Backorders are expected to be placed by the cut-off time prior to the domain name drop. In addition, we do not release backorder information. We do not share backorder information with any customer, including HugeDomains, to know what domain names you have backordered.

    For transparency we feel it important to identify the domains that were awarded to HugeDomains over a discount club backorder. The integrity of our platform is of the utmost importance to us, and in honor of that we have tried to be as explicit as possible for the rules of the Discount Club. We go as far as telling you exactly how to beat HugeDomains in our Terms and Conditions, section 31, G:

    " If you want a domain, be sure to place a full priced backorder on it as Corporate Partners get priority over any Discount Club backorders."

    If you have used our Discount Club you have no doubt seen four separate destinations for missed Discount club backorders. Your Discount Club backorder can be preempted by a Regular backorder, by multiple Regular backorders resulting in an Auction, by a Partner, or by a Higher Bid Discount Club backorder.

    Simply put, The Discount club is not a good method for capturing highly sought after domain names! If you want to secure a domain name – please do not use the Discount Club – as this is the last priority.

    If you would like to discuss the Discount Club or your account further, please reach out to support at any time!
  4. werty

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    @DropCatch Support . That all sounds good superficially but how do you enforce the same when you are all on the same office next to one another? HugeDomains and Dropcatch: same owners, employees, location, etc. Hope you understand why it lacks trust in general.
  5. davidc1

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    make a split test:
    backorder with and without DC and decide if it's better for you to backorder with DC or without.

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