Is Efty useful?

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    If I test Efty for a few domains probably I will learn nothing from that experience in terms of selling, because there will be no sales in a short period of time.

    Is creating Efty landing pages useful for selling?

    If so in what ways.

    For example knowing IPs of visitors may help us decide on the price (tracking).

    Or landing pages becomes more attractive and professional so buyers would think that domain is worth something, because someone spends time on it; and sellers look more trustable.

    Do we have enough control there. I mean, if there are distracting ads which we can't remove this would be bad.

    Isn't it risky always to set nameservers to a small company's nameservers. Is redirect better?

    I prefer a good looking site with no scripts, except for anything needed for tracking. But I think IP checking doesn't require scripts.
    Can WordPress be a better chocie?
    Or your own paid web site.

    How many domains can you host a web site. I was paying and still pay 3 figures for a dedicated server,
    and I was allowed to host a few dozen domains only. It should have been unlimited.

    One of my names was parked at Sedo, and I saw almost no visits for that name, maybe none, but it was sold on Afternic at a price higher than my counteroffer. This makes me think, make offer is a good way, but only if I know buyer's IP and more.
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  2. topdom

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    Thread moved and noone reads.
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    it often happens they move threads that are not created in the correct area

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