Is Domain Name Investing Profitable?

Labeled as analysis in Domain Industry News started by Bob Hawkes, Oct 26, 2018.


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    Thanks for interesting valuable suggestions
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    I think most of domainer just wasite time and money...include most website builder.....if u look whole industry to meansure...the registrant like godaddy do make money, the company like verisign do make money, but not normal domainer, normal domainer's value is contribute money to godaddy and verisign domainner do make money....this structure we call it pyramid, for website, is the same, only limited % site have >1000 visitors per day....most sites is just visit by its owner himself or very limited visitors..LOL.

    but why people like me still play domains? I guess just because kind of hobby...feel own something...and feel it is good way to spend money and time, feel once I own some nice domain, eventually it will become huge $ or will become a nice website...kind of game or time least it may be better than wasite $ for other stupid things(of couse different people have different definition).....

    simple caculation, how many $ u spend each year, and how many $ u can really earn thru the selling....some time we are lucky enough to sell a few, but may not payback ur holding cost for ur entire portfolio....

    btw, u also need consider ur time, once u spend time on domain, u miss some other opporunities may be, time is most valueable thing for us, if we really need caculate the ROI, I suggest we need consider the time, say, using ur real job's payment to think about how much u should earn from domainning....I know someone have huge invest in stock market...but still spend most of time to investigate domain (and with very limited profit ), why, only hobby can explain..

    anyway, we are talking the mass of domainer, I know we have lots top pro player here who make nice $.... two cents, expect some top player and money maker can share his story....and tell us how to avoid waste time and money...

    btw, I always believe buy 1-2 top name is a right strategy compare with buy lots of looks OK name....
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    I was just reading the many good comments in this thread and this one stuck out for me. I think as an industry we should highlight successful uses of domain names more than we do. As domainers I understand the sales focus, but ultimately the health of domain market depends on them being used effectively. It is surprising, but I am convinced true, that even at $1000 price point majority don't seem to go into actual use. Thanks for your comments.

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