Information wanted on your sales with Enom domains, especially on sedo

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  1. mohno

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    I'm a newbie here.
    I'd like to hear your experiences on Enom domains.
    I have sold 18 domains at sedo since 2017.
    7 domains of them have transferred to other registrars with my authorizations (authcode). That's ok.
    I pushed the rest of them (11 domains) to the sedo account (sedode) in Enom.
    I received "DOMAIN CONTACT UPDATE CONFIRMATION EMAIL (OLD REGISTRANT)" notifications for _some_ of them (7 domains) when each registrant email address was changed.
    I, however, didn't receive such notifications for _others_ (4 domains, e.g., sold in March this year).
    That is, it's possible to change the registrant without any notification to the old registrant in Enom.
    Does anybody have same experience?

    This behavior is regarding to stolen domains as mentioned in;
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  2. Addison

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    I haven't heard about an experience like this with Enom until yours.

    How did you recover the stolen domains L5.COM and XGK.COM from your Enom account?

  3. mohno

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    To get the domains back, I did everything what I could do, e.g., researching whois history with DomainTools (pay service), asking the Enom support to try to get _reasonable_ answers although they tried to close the thread many times.
    I submited a complaint to ICANN;
    and contacted the current registrar (NameSilo) with the detail information which shows _unauthorized_ transfer obviously.
    Then, NameSilo decided to move the domains to me.
    I understand ICANN is now contacting Enom about the behavior directly.
    Enom said that changing the registrant would send notification as of now.

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