domains .IN registry now restricts domain registrations to a maximum of 2 domains per individual registrant



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Thanks for the info, wonder if others will follow suit....
Registrars showing warnings or not makes no difference. If this gets in effect, it will be the registry that will take the domains from users and not the registrar.

Having said that,
I could never understand the approach 'hand hurts -> cut the hand '.
Since this whole thing is about security, they should work harder to keep their zone more secure instead of hurting their users.
There was me thinking that there wasn't a way to share domains amongst people fairly but I hadn't thought of that way.

However... I'm CERTAIN that there will be people that get to go beyond the limits for no decent reason whatsoever... Probably some politicians, big corps. There's corruption behind every corner.

They'll probably say that someone gets to have 15k names cause of climate change or to fight X cause.
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