I think new category is necessary on Namepros for OLD DOMAINS

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Good idea to have a section dedicated to OLD domains in marketplace?

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  2. No

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    It's a great demand for OLD domain names here on forum so i propose that Nampros need to create a new category in sale section (fixed,make offer) for this type of domains
    I consider this must be a distinctive category ( as is liquid domains or cctld section)
    In my opinion consider will encourage to sell old domains at the right price & a selection/distinctive over regular domains
    As rule must be equal or old then 10 years & any extension
    I make also a poll to see feedback of Namepros members for my proposal

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  2. You're right, there are a lot of categories we could create for different characteristics of domains (Such as age), but that would dilute the existing viewership of each section. The solution we are working on instead is a better search feature that will allow you to search by things like age. We hope to have that ready this year.

    If that feature takes longer than expected, we may create a section for it until then (if the demand is high). ;)

    Please feel free to vote in the poll.

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