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I am retiring, so I am selling some of my digital assets.

The two software I am selling are called Leads Detective and DomainKicks. (Leads Detective is the one that provides similar Domains to your Domain and other services. It is easier to sell your Domain to owners of similar but inferior Domains)

DomainKicks helps you find brandable Domains quickly, provides your own Back Order service free of charge, and has a live channel that lists currently available Domains.

You can find YouTube videos on them under their names ("Leads Detective software" for Leads Detective and DomainKicks) and the channels Ledyard Digital and Simon Hogben.

They are now priced every month (there is an expensive lifetime option for DomainKicks), but you get them from me for a one-time payment (I got them when they were in Beta).

I won't be greedy and demand a huge price.

If interested, make me an offer.
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Could you pm the details please?
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