question How to sell my older domain names (25yrs old)

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I've been renewing my domain names for 25+ years. My oldest name is from 1996 (my firstlastname)
A couple months ago, I sold off 15ish LLLL.coms on sedo's auctions. I have a few LLLL left, but also a bunch of keyword type(2 word) , or brandable name .coms

What's the best way of selling them? I have no idea on values, some are obviously worth more than others. Would you recommend listing them as auctions on namepros?

Its been so many years since I've been into domaining, I've completely lost touch in this field.
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Find people on LinkedIn with the same first/last name as you/your domain, and pitch it to them.
You could put 1 or 2 of them in the appraisal section here to get a guage of what people think they might be worth.

As for selling it depends how desperate you are for the money. If you have time you're better off listing on the major marketplaces and waiting for offers. If they're high end names you might get interest from brokers who'll conduct outbound marketing for you.

Selling names here will generally get you reseller/trade prices.

Ultimately its hard to advise fully without knowing the names.
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