How to see number of bids on name available for backorder at snapnames/namejet

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The website shows a daily list of top names at auction or for backordering. Here is today's page. There is one section called, "Last Minute Snapnames Domain Auctions - Most Popular". It shows the number of bids for names that are up for backorder. Not in auction already, but available for backorder.

When I go to snapnames (or it's partner namejet), I am unable to see if any bids are already on a name that is available for backorder. I'd certainly like to see that number before deciding if I should backorder the name. Is there another place I can see this? Or is the website, perhaps using an API? I've reached out to domainrecap, but have no reply from them. I put a email into snapnames and we'll see what they say.

I've attached a screenshot.


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