How to respond to a lowball (by adding BIN )

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    Here is a common scenario: First offer 20, and then 30, and 50 final offer, and it goes to auction, and in the auction there is no new offer, and it remains unpaid.
    Or it may get paid, but then "sell" for 10x price at another marketplace.

    So, let's say , now there is a chronic lowball offer, meaning there are more than one offers, and all remain low, like below 5 percent of appraisal value. There is no hope of getting good price with that bidder..
    Question: Does this idea make any sense (does this plan work):

    Probably there is an actual buyer somewhere, not known to us, and that person may have hired this bidder as broker.. Since we don't know anything about this broker, or the actual buyer, only thing we can do is to make the actual buyer see our asking price. So list it with low-but not very low price in all marketplaces (Afternic and Sedo, they have many partners), like 1/4 of actual value/expected enduser price. This would make the price interesting both to the enduser and to the broker, and once they see that price, they would buy (?) And to make them see that price, invite potential buyers to the landing page.
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