How to know domain owner name of past?

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13 was deleted some time ago now available for registration, is there any way to know the past owner contact of that domain?

if yes what has to be to done? like send a legal notice or court order to the registry or registrar? do they keep records to deleted domains?
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Before GDRP you can. Know you can only see times and page view, you are lucky if it is developed usually there was contact number on the website.

Using this :


Wayback machine :


But what the purpose? If they are used for criminal against you, you can report them. If only want to buy and sell again to last owner, so don't do it.
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For what reason would you send a court order or take legal action on an unregistered name? Something is lost in translation.
No, that would suck ass for privacy. Would you want some rando getting YOUR name from a domain you let drop years ago? Didn't think so.
Because it isn't a real scenario i won't play along but i will give some insight.
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Most privacy is done after purchase it isn't always impossible.