information How to Identify Potential Buyers for Two-Word Business Domain Initials – A Search Technique Guide

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Ariff BD

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Hi there,

I've always struggled to find information about this topic. We all know that 2 and 3-letter dot com domains are considered premium. They become even more attractive when they represent a shortened version of a larger business with a longer name. For example, "BRITISH Airways" becomes "BA.com," "LOUIS Vuitton" becomes "LV.com," and "Standard Chartered" becomes "ST.com."

However, while we can easily recall a few of these, there are many businesses out there that we may not know about but would consider buying domain names with their initials if we could find them. We can find the full form of some terms on Google, like "NY" for New York or "RA" for Research Assistant.

Is there a tool available that can suggest company names with their initials? For instance, what if we own GP.com, and there's a company named "Grameen Phone"? We wouldn't be able to find them unless we already knew about it.

So, I'm curious to know, how do you go about finding potential buyers who have businesses with two-word names, while you have a domain with their name initials, like in the case of having TP.com and discovering Turkish Prime Bank? Please share your techniques.

Let me know what methods you use.

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