How to evaluate domains (did I miss anything?)

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  1. James Foster

    James Foster New Member

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    I'm new, so this isn't me telling you "This is how it's done"... It's me sharing what I've gathered through my searching/studying and checking back with everyone to see if you agree and if you have anything more to add.
    Here's what I've got:

    - Avoid typos and trademarks like the plague
    - .com only (that's more my personal choice)
    - Does the domain name make sense?
    - Does the domain pass the radio test?
    - Are there end users to buy the domain?

    If the above comes back positive, then I move onto the next bit:

    Check the page rank (if it's negative - avoid) and to see what other companies owned the domain in the past
    Is it indexed by Google? ""
    # of pages in exact match search
    CPC of exact match
    Estibot value (take with a grain of salt)
    Hopefully the .net and .org are taken

    .... What other criteria should I be looking at friends? What am I missing?
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  2. Nazz

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    You're on the right track.

    As many say and have said, a domain is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
  3. 80-20

    80-20 Established Member

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    All your points are valid.
    But, apart from the so-called "liquid domains" all else is a more or less an educated game.

    There's a luck factor in domain investing.
    Consequently, I try to do "my very best" and then feel easy about what happens next...
  4. Domain Lead Finder

    Domain Lead Finder Established Member

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    Follow a lot of sales. Follow auctions. This will give you a realistic idea on what domains really sell for. Read the boards, and do not register/buy a domain before thinking about it 24h :D its very easy to talk yourself in to thinking that you have a "winner" and you end up only with something you regret later. Avoid spur of the moment regs.
  5. aramyus

    aramyus Established Member

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    The number of people who advertise on adword, and the intensity of competition on adwords (not quite proportional to CPC)

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