How possible is it that Google registered my Hand-Reg

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    This is the second time I am having my rare thought out names snapped from me.

    Apparently I just found a site I could recommend names to business for some fee. Since I am a young domainer with limited fund.

    So I dug up my old lists, from SH rejected suggestion. Some of these thought out names which runs into hundreds, have been sitting idle.

    so I thought I should recommend them to people looking for domains to register on a crowdsourcing site (not mentioning the name).

    So far I have never won a contest. After recommending hundreds of names to the contests

    But it seems top dogs are behind these contests?.

    I have had two good thought out names registered by them. There could be more gone, I haven't checked all.

    One is

    Which is now taken by

    Instra Corporation Pty Ltd

    And the recent one is

    Which is currently sitting on google's name

    Note: these names have been idle in my txt files, some for close to a year, and nobody ever thought of them. Someone obviously saw it where I posted them.

    I feel cheated. And have stopped recommending names to these site.

    Here below is Netrely sitting unhurt on my SH rejected list since 2019

    What do you think
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  2. Gube

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    If it can help, Google also offers registrar services at:
    Chances are the second name you mentionned was picked by another individual and not Google (or they would likely have used their contact informations and not the Privacy's).

    There are a few threads on NP from users having issues with unregistered domain they recommended on platforms like the one you mentionned, there is no real way of knowing who picked the name.
    But as you recommend more names on these platforms, chances of a few being picked are increasing.
    The most likely scenario is that someone else thought of the same brand name as you did and decided to register the name

  3. dombastic

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    These names expired and somebody registered them.
    I do not know why.

    You thought that these names were worthless, that is why you did not want to spend $10.
    And you were probably right.
  4. Brandizer

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    At the bolden, that's very unlikely, because this happened just after I brought them out from my name vault lol after spending 1 year there.
  5. lock

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    Still reg fee names until sold or developed. Nothing to be upset about seeing your old names advertised or even seeing them sell either as what is point of keeping interest in anything dropped.
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