Homeless Man Spends Change on Domain

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    Hey friends,

    I wanted to pass this along. Eugene is a homeless entrepreneur working odd jobs. Domaining could become one.

    “I’m buying land!” ~ Eugene, a homeless man in NC buying his first domain, for under 2 bucks.

    Who knows whether ( will fetch him enough for a pair of boots…or more. Surviving is on your mind in a shelter. Owning real estate is not even on the map.

    I've often wondered about the idea of educating someone living in a shelter or a car to develop domains as virtual real estate. I had a scholarship to attend Namescon in Austin Texas recently. The people I met were incredible. I was blessed to have time with Harold Nue, Dave Evanson, Rob Monster, Alvin Brown, and then, thanks to Jorge Verdugo, go to lunch with a few veteran domainers and the Booth Brothers.

    One day looked down, out my 6th floor window at The Omni, and saw a surreal picture. On the left, an international group of investors/CEOs/domainers... eating breakfast, networking and about to bid on seven figure domain names. To my right, just outside the hotel, a group of homeless men and women waiting in line in the cold as a church opened it’s doors for a hot meal.

    Surely, I thought, someone in that group to the right could turn a profit if given a chance to invest. I've been working on this in my city. For Eugene, a homeless hustler, buying wasn’t his first step.

    He pulled an old laptop out of his bag at the soup kitchen a few months ago, and asked for help using it. I became convinced that his curiosity, intuitiveness, and street sense made him a great candidate for a new type of social entrepreneurship. Besides, he’s been my friend for years.

    So, after weeks of tutorial over lunch (and providing him clothes, reading glasses and bus passes) we researched, strategized, and opened his own account. With the popular “.club” domain on sale at $1.57, and, although high, an Estibot appraisal of $1,900, he laughed and pulled the trigger.
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  2. equity78

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    Cool story, is the name for sale or it's already got a bid at auction?
  3. sbweb

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    Best wishes for Eugene! Hope this is just the beginning of things to come for him.
  4. VIP Gold Account

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    There are many stories like this in the world.

    Here's a few I remember.

    1. Vietnamese immigrant came to this country with only $50 to his name. He washed dishes cleaned houses. Then got a job in a hair and nails salon in Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn sweeping th hair from the floor.

    He found a wig maker in NYC and asked how much he would pay for real hair. So he collected long cut hair. Specifically blonde hair. Natural hair is expensive. Back then women wanted the short look. Some even went full bald. He made a killing.

    Saved up enough money and went to nail school to learn how to do nails and get a license.

    Then he started to work on the same salon he was sweeping at.

    Saved his money for years. Finally opened his own nail salon.

    Now he owns 8. Each one generating $10-$15 a month net not gross.

    2. Next. Homeless crack addict in Jersey City. Got clean. But has a record. So no one would hire him.

    Took his welfare check. Bought cleaning supplies. Windex, Clorox, squeegie, rags mop.

    Went to every main St where there's stores. Employees of such stores get paid minimum wage. None really wants to clean the store windows or the dirty bathroom.
    But they'd pool $10-$20 to have Windows and bathroom cleaned or even have the floors mopped.

    He also shoveled the snow off cars in winter.

    He hustled. No drugs.

    Saved his money.

    Bought a used food truck. He was actually a pretty good cook. Took his mom's recipe for Pasteles. It's like a Puerto Rican Tamales but made with green bananas and seasoned pork.

    This thing is time intensive. People know someone has to prepare this the night before. It's not "fast food". It's the kinda food grandma's make for you the day before.

    So people will pay $2.50-$3.50 for each one. Is overhead for each was like 75 cents.

    After that he got off welfare. And kept buying more food trucks. Now he owns 6.

    3. This one is from my country. Homeless man with a family. 4 kids. No job.

    He collected food for his wife from the city dump. Food that's been thrown in the garbage. From fast food or restaurants.

    Wife and kids would sift throw the food. Throw out the rotten food. Keep the meat. People waste food so much.

    She would then reseason the meat. Spices.

    Then open up shop and sell to the people who live around the city dump who collect recyclables for a living. They trust her food plus she either fries the food really good or boils in for hours.

    I had the food a few times. Their kids were my friends from grammar school. Last I heard my friend's mother opened a legit restaurant in the center of town.

    All her food leftover for the day she donates to her old customers from the dumps. Some actually work for her now.

    4. New York. Homeless man. Hangs around Gramercy park. Rich people talk to him because he's a nice guy. They give him food.

    Funny thing about rich people. They drive fancy cars but still want to park on the street in NYC. Lol. They don't want to pay to park in a lot. Cheap bastards! Well I guess that's how rich people stay rich yea? So this guy made up his own hustle.
    He parks cars or holds a spot for them in the street for $5 sometimes $10 tip.

    Plus since he's "out there anyway" he's like their luxury car's own personal security guard.

    He's actually called the cops when someone tried to steal one of his "neighbors" cars.

    He's even done "house sitting" for people. Rich people actually giving him the keys to their multi-million dollar townhouses.

    Just Google Gramercy Area NYC and you will get the idea.

    He does dog walking. He's them bring stuff from their cars to their house.

    I hear he clears about $40,000-$50,000 a year tax free. But you did not hear that from me!!?

    Those are just some stories I know of over the years.
  5. creataweb

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    Avtar's one story reminds me of this guy

    Let's hope Eugene's $2 investment pays off with some work and some reading around NP, maybe he'll be the next from $2 to a baller success story.
  6. Rob Monster

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    Thanks Stefan. Great seeing you at NamesCon. It is awesome to have you in this industry testing empowerment strategies that can give folks a hand up and not just hand out.

    Looking forward to working with you in 2020 and beyond and hopefully finding some synergies with DomainGraduate and eRise.
  7. BlackCatsAreNice

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    These stories are inspiring but remember, a lot of these stories are built up from years and years of sweat and toil.

    Luckily, DOMAINING is the X way out!

    And I am not talking about buying domains and selling them.

    I am talking about buying a domain, developing it, and learning from that experience to go on a buy and develop more and more domains til you're sipping Moscow Mules in a McDonald's cup down by the beach.

    Oh wait, I am revealing too much!

    Good luck hustlers!!!
  8. .X.

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    Alright Eugene! Take the world by the horns!

    stay safe out there.
  9. johnn

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    I am a refugee came here with nothing $0.
    After 40 years I still have $0 - but have 1,500 domain names.
  10. imadoer

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    I know of a homeless guy with one word .coms lol
    True story

    rather live in his car then sell them cheap
  11. frank-germany

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    to me, it sounds like you spend too much time with Rob

    so in the US homeless people have access to wireless?
    they do carry laptops / iPhones?

    how about being robbed?
    ( sorry Rob .. )
    as a homeless that's a severe thread, I would think

    how about the current?
    do they have access to power?

    how do they pay their TMobil bill?
    don't they need a permanent address for that?
    and how about the taxes?

    the whole story sounds nice
    but to me, I would think
    there are some problems to be solved, first.
  12. Rob Monster

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    To be clear, Stefan was working on this stuff before he met me. When we hired Stephen Campbell in Jamaica in January, he connected me to Stefan, who I met at NamesCon briefly and also joined for the Christian Domainers Breakfast where he shared a great testimony.

    We have been in contact since, but I can tell you that before we met he was already a domainer and helping folks to flip domains. I think we helped him refine his game plan.

    As for your questions:

    - In the US, most homeless have phones and/or have access to free computers at the library
    - Most phones run many hours on battery and have access to WiFi even without a data plan
    - Permanent address is not needed and besides most domains sold on Epik have WHOIS privacy.
    - Transactions will usually clear through marketplace or escrow.

    I think you underestimate the degree to which some really capable, inspired and motivated folks are engaged in the dialog around digital empowerment on a worldwide basis. I might be more visible to you but the more I look, the more I see a worldwide army of innovators arriving on the scene.

    My strong sense is that Revival is coming, only this time it will be digital. Along with that comes a whole bunch of human empowerment to allow a lot more folks to answer a lot more questions, in addition to being able to provide for their families and their communities. It's cool.
  13. Recons.Com

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    I enjoyed stories more. They are complete, authentic, meaningful.

    The Eugene story feels like ... non-story.

    The guy spent $2. The only reason he thought it was a good idea is guidance from a non-expert and an automatic valuation! This is supposed to be a success story, and so far we just know the guys spent $2 on something that might be worse than buying a warm soup or even a lottery ticket.
  14. timestamp

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    What kind of a friend let friend register .club?
    Where is your lesson that .com is the king?
    Where is your lesson that estibot means sh!t?

    Potential buyers: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan
  15. Recons.Com

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    You seem not even understand the difference between an auction and a listing.

    It is listed on Sedo with 50 minimum offer. So your post is misleading. No one has offered or bid anything on this. And the name is complete trash.
  16. frank-germany

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    all he tries is to get a commission on the sale at sedo
    as he put his partnerid=324561 into the link
  17. Arfy

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  18. RCBitking

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    Thank you for these stories. My grandfather is from Calcutta. My dad's side are decedents from slaves and American indian. My dad and mom made all 8 of my brothers and sisters hustle, scratch, and claw to find a way through college. We all still hustle and work today.

    My mom and dad even still work at my sister's pediatric office. In celebration of Black History Month, Eugene who is from Atlanta,when we decided to try this, gave so many suggestions from his world/culture as possible names of domains. Ideas I hadn't though of before. We talked about African American land and then country clubs, and then the growing industry of diversity in golf and Black Golf Associations.

    I know this is only a start, but it's worth try.

    I'm sorry for the mix up with using the term auction vs. listed.

    Working hard to try to make a difference. BTW, one of the other men I'm working with is Dominic, a 15 year veteran. Former Army Ranger became homeless. He's been a friend for years and I had a dentist give him new teeth, helped with jobs, clothes, bus passes and such continually. He's now in the trauma unit at the hospital after a car hit him. Broke his neck and he's eating with a tube.

    I have people sending cards and visiting. Been trying to help him with a couple of domains as well. A national veterans organization visited him yesterday. Sorry for the long reply. Didn't mean any harm here.
  19. equity78

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    Did the domain sell?
  20. RCBitking

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    Thanks for asking. I've been out of the loop a bit and not on Namepros.

    The last time I was here I was explaining some of the work I do with homeless. The $1.57 really wasn't all about the name.

    One of them, a vet was hit by a car which broke his neck and left other complications. He's currently breathing through a trach at VA hospital in Durham. I asked a bunch of people to send cards, which they did from different parts of the country. Someone even sent him the book he requested. Had Amazon deliver to the hospital.

    If there are men who believe in prayer here, his name is Dominic. He's never received a single other visitor at the VA hospital and when I talked to the nurse, she said they have so many there who have never seen a visitor.

    Anyway, for the domain, no it hasn't sold yet. Have a great day everyone.
  21. lock

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    I smell bs try convert change to a credit card with out an address.

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