question High renewal backorder fee for a one word .xyz domain after winning GoDaddy auction

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I recently won a GoDaddy auction for a common single-word English .xyz domain and was surprised to see an additional high fee for a ".xyz renewal backorder" show up. I was under the impression that after winning the auction, I'd just have to pay the winning bid amount and any associated transfer fees.

Can anyone shed light on why there's such a substantial renewal backorder fee for a .xyz domain? Is this a standard practice for .xyz domains?

Any insights or similar experiences shared would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this situation.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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I feel your pain.

Without knowing the domain name, I guess you've bought a domain that is a so-called 'registry premium' domain. The XYZ Registry maintains different pricing tiers.

On GoDaddy Auctions, the renewal price for each domain is visible in the details.

Here's an example:

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 21-19-58 GoDaddy Domain Auctions.png
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There's a reason these domains are being dropped and it's the premium renewal fee, a.k.a. registry induced cancer. You could write GD and tell them you do not wish to pay for the domain as you were not aware of the premium renewal, but it will be a hard sell, as it's always listed on the auction page, as on the above screenshot. You could argue that the wording is ambiguous and the text is intentionally greyed out, both of which are true and may be not-so-legal in the EU depending on who you ask.
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Anothe reason I try not to get too excited when I find a good, single-word xyz that has dropped and ready for handreg. ☺️
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Thank you all. I've learned a lesson, which is that for domain names that are not common TLDs, should carefully check the renewal price before purchasing 😅
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Had the same with roma.xyz on godaddy, 300$ renewal.
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