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Labeled as status-duplicate in NamePros Community Help, started by Ryan217, Jun 3, 2020


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    This place used to be fun. The poor moderation of late has taken that away and I for one have reached my limit of what I am willing to deal with. The mods are running this place into the ground, so I have requested my account be closed.

    I've been considering this for months but today is the day I have decided NamePros is not the same as when I signed up 8 months ago. For the past few months it's headed downhill fast due poor management. Many other have already left. Others are barely on. It's time for me to follow suit.
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  2. Echo Mod Team

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    Is there a specific incident you are referring to you would like us to investigate further?

    Note: This is the second time you requested your account closed. It was reopened at your request last time.

    We don't like to lose valuable members, and if there's anyway for us to improve, please let us know.

    In order to close your account, please read the following page to learn what closing your account will do and will not do:

    Once you’ve read and understand how closing an account works, you can reply to this message to confirm that you’d still like to have your account closed and those things happen to it as a result.


    Duplicate Request/Official Use Only:
  3. DirkS

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    I'm sorry to hear that @Ryan217

    I've felt the same way but recently got to talk with quite a bunch of members on NP that have been really helpful in my journey in domaining and life in general which definitely made me decide to stick around.

    If you're really sure, and made your mind up, godspeed!
  4. Peak.Domains

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    I'm also curious what issue you've seen getting worse lately, I've thought the mods have been doing pretty great, responsive to reports, generally taking the right actions, clarifying rules when there's confusion... and in private, in at least one instance, they were beyond patient and understanding with someone I know, much more so than they had to be.

    We've all had our critiques in the past but I thought things were going pretty well now.
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  5. VIP Gold Account

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    I miss that tiny support box at the bottom right corner of this website for instant (well not really instant) live support.

    and yes................. I do understand that all legit websites have a "contact" button at the bottom but I loved having an issue and just simply looking to the bottom right of NP and see that support box.

    gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside like a cup of joe with a stick of butter. :xf.grin:
  6. Haroon Basha

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    @Ryan217 Can you please tell us what incidents made you to think that NamePros is heading downhill fast?
    For most of us, NamePros have been not only a platform to buy and sell domain names, but it is a vast domain university, there is an ocean of knowledge here at NamePros. No where on internet you will find a place like NamePros where you will get every minute details about domain names and domain industry. Domain Name tycoons may not be here, but NamePros really creates more future tycoons.

    I show my solidarity with NamePros with utmost satisfaction and happiness. I am going to stay here @Mod Team Echo
  7. Corey

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  8. Chris Hydrick

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    If I may chime in here,
    8 months is a rather small sample size.

    A few months is an even smaller sample size.

    In relativity,
    only several have left since you've been here.

    But in reality,
    many more have came and gone over the years.

    In fact,
    the content producing member I miss the most,
    was last seen before you joined namePros.


    ... and [imo] the forum hasn't been the same since losing Kate's valuable input and opinions.

    So, while I can understand frustrations with moderation. I do think you are gas lighting the moderation a bit here, by using such a small sample size, and using ambiguous language not referring to any specific incident, and seemingly attaching yourself to others movements.

    FWIW: I find namePros moderation to be evolving. Just as their members evolve. There appears to be a mutual, though not with up push back, growth process here.

    Enjoy your time off @Ryan217 . I find signing off (closing account) a forum to be a healthy alternative when forum life starts turning into a unhealthy environment. Yet, for me at least, I've found this place to be a can't live with, can't live without type relationship. But I'm sure that likely speaks to other deficiencies in my life.

    Get well soon man. Hopefully this hiatus will bring you some peace.

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  9. JB Lions

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    This is odd, I figure you would have liked it even more recently, since they don't seem to even respond to SPAM reports anymore.
  10. Bravo Mod Team

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    Our apologies.

    A few possible causes:
    1. Consolidation: If there are multiple similar reports in the same thread, sometimes we will only respond to one if the answer to all of the others is the same so that we don't flood anyone's alerts. The problem with this is that someone may not get alerted if they only reported a single post and that isn't the report we used to send the alert.
    2. Duplicate: If we have already handled a report on a post, and then it is reported again, it may automatically (or manually) be closed without additional review (and without an alert) because it was already handled previously when it was reported by someone else.
    3. Accidents: There are two explanation input boxes for moderators under reports, stacked one on top of the other, and if you enter the alert in the wrong one, it will not be sent to the reporter(s).
    4. Busy: Sometimes, we're unusually busy and simply mark the report as resolved or declined without typing a custom message. Template messages would help with this, but that feature doesn't exist yet.

    There's also the possibility that the report has not been resolved or declined yet, and you may receive an alert in the future. Reports may be deprioritized or require feedback from another team that is busier and takes longer to respond.

    We hope that helps.
  11. VIP Gold Account

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    hate to be "captain obvious" but depending on "when" Ryan17 requested his account auto-closed. isn't it pointless to post our "send offs" on here since he can't really be notified of our posts in this thread?

    I guess it's always good to publicly show your good gesture.

    Best of luck @Ryan217 hopefully you still Google this thread and can find it in the internet ether. lol
  12. Jurgen Wolf

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    Never had any issues with moderation.
    Looks like isolated and very special case.
  13. Bravo Mod Team

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    From a quick glance at reports, your decision to leave seems to be due to our refusal to edit/remove a piece of content that does not appear to violate a rule. The policies on that have not changed in years.

    Here are some related threads on that:

    The policies on editing/removing content are unlikely to change, but the planned solution is to allow Top Members to decide if it's in the best interest of the community to edit/delete certain content, and they will decide.

    We hope that helps.


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