Seeking Help : Unauthorized Sale On Afternic

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Hey NamePros Fam,
I ran into a strange situation - The domain i had on my Sav account has sold through afternic fast transfer method without any notification or confirmations from afternic, it wasn't even listed there! Sav confirmed that it got sold through afternic.
Its been more than 2 months (Sep-24).I have reached afternic through mails and calls.did not get any proper answer yet.
I have no idea about how to handle this.

Anyone here have faced the same issue? How'd you tackle it? Thinking about reaching out to ICANN.Any insights or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
I posted this thread on December 1.Its really hard to believe even after 5 months, i did not get back my domain or did not get any solid responses. Discovering that my domain got sold without any heads-up or response from afternic has been a bit disheartening. Can anyone advice me on going forward to ICANN regarding this situation?? Would be really helpful.Thanks.
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