Under which circumstances should members be allowed to request their own content be deleted/edited?

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  1. Hello,

    There are pros and cons to allowing members to delete/edit content on a forum, but we are open-minded that there may be circumstances in which it makes sense and should be allowed. Let's discuss those circumstances in this thread. (Read this entire post before posting)

    Please keep in mind that when we allow content to be edited/deleted, it can cause harm and have unintended consequences:
    • It can completely misrepresent what was being discussed in a thread
    • It can ruin the flow of a discussion with large pieces of the discussion missing/changed
    • It can make it difficult/impossible for readers to make sense of what was/is being discussed
    It can also be a serious problem if you post something like, "I love candy" and 50 people Like it, but 20 minutes later, you change it to something negative/derogatory, and yet, those 50 Likes will remain and possibly misrepresent the people who liked your post. When a post is edited, the members who Liked it are not notified. Edits can cause a real issue.

    Thread Rules:
    1. Each post will be a poll. Anyone can post a suggestion.
      • "Like Agree" with the post if you agree (You want posters to be able to delete/edit content in that situation).
      • "Dislike Disagree" with the post if you disagree (You don't want posters to be able to delete/edit content in that situation).
      • "Thanks" will not count as a vote. It can be a sign of appreciation for the suggestion, neutral/indifference stance, or anything else.
    2. Do not duplicate posts/suggestions.
    3. Do not reply to posts unless you're modifying the suggestion to create a new suggestion.
    4. One suggestion per post.
    If you don't feel comfortable voting publicly with a Like/Dislike, then please use this link to send me your vote directly and I'll log it internally.

    Reminder, the question is:

    Under which circumstances should members be allowed to request their own content be deleted/edited?

    Looking forward to your feedback,
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  2. alcy

    alcy Top Contributor VIP

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    my own post on a thread, which has not being quoted or replied to by anyone else yet... (so the flow of conversations isn't messed up otherwise)

    I shoudl be easily at all/any times (past edit time expiry, that is) able to report this post and ask for its complete removal, if owner so desires, for reasons which are exclsively his own.. but entirely valid to him.
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
  3. briguy

    briguy Guru In Remission! VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Accidentally, posting in wrong thread
  4. DNWon

    DNWon eCommerce Branding Specialist VIP

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    Almost never! That's what apologies are for!
  5. shorterwinters

    shorterwinters Established Member

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    ONLY relevant/particular market place threads (for the purpose of editing a price/price range) should have the ability to edit a post past a 10-15 minute time frame no matter what the members status/tier/ is.
    You wanna say something bad enough to post it in public...........OWN IT!
    Show how you screwed up your post or changed your mind or realized you were an asshole when you thought it was important enough to own you were wrong (or even just had a change of heart).

    (just like the original, original poster of the thread that brings up this thread. He came out and owned it.)
    (at least the way I remember the thread going)
    drama anyone?
    (hmmm.....i just grabbed it)
  6. domainventure

    domainventure Top Contributor VIP

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    Anywhere, where you post a domain name, be it in the showcase thread or in other places of the forum where there is no active auctions, the person should have the ability to edit, for whatever reasons. They may change their mind in keeping their domain name out in the public and may want to edit it out with no time limit.

    30 minute time limits for discussion forums sounds reasonable.
  7. carob

    carob Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Agree. And what I would like to add is that, though I am against allowing edits (because not allowing them protects us all), sometimes when someone corrects what they said later in a thread or apologises, it can be a bit uncomfortable knowing that people keep seeing the original post and may miss the followup.

    So I have an idea which is also a sales opportunity for NP: if you post an apology, correction or update to a post, for a small fee NP will add a note and link in the original post - saying the note was added by NP - that says "The poster has updated/added to/corrected/retracted this post here on NP at [insert URL of new post]". The fee reflects the time it takes to deal with it and prevents having to spend a lot of time on petty requests.

    There was a whole other discussion here about post editing

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