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We’re excited to announce we acquired the content and related assets of DNAcademy to integrate into the GoDaddy Domains product offering and that, founder, Michael Cyger, joined us as a full-time employee. Welcome Mike!

GoDaddy remains focused on its mission to empower entrepreneurs and make opportunity more inclusive for all. We believe DNAcademy’s mission - “help students from all disciplines achieve their domain name goals” – enhances our robust tool set to make opportunity more inclusive for all by sharing proven methodologies and resources to help our customers succeed at every stage of their domain name journey.

Acquiring DNAcademy helps us make further progress on our strategic objective to focus on a best-in-class premium domain buying experience with sage guidance utilizing data science and the world's premier brokerage team. With more than 84 million domains under management and exceptional growth in aftermarket last year, we intend for this acquisition to support continuing profitable revenue growth in our domains business.

The deal closed on March 21, 2022, and terms were not disclosed.


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Great question. Here’s 10 upvotes. Not saying this isnt a shrewd acquisition, especially for GD, but the worst are undisclosed figures.

The good news is Godaddy is a public company (GDDY) all will be revealed : )

It’s worth noting, i have DNAcademy, they are the one and only true originals, phenomenal product, just like Cyger, who’s as humble as they come.
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Nokta domains sells their great portfolio...and now this.
This is the beginning of domain industry collapse.
More like consolidation.
GoDaddy buys more and more to cement its position as the dominant player by:

- Buying Namecheap, Sedo, Dan, Park.io, Brandbucket and Squadhelp to snuff out competition
- Buying Huge Domains, Buy Domains and Domain Market
- Buying.xyz registry and all Swetha's portfolio
- Buying all of Rick Schwartz's portfolio
- Buying all Blockchain extensions
- Buying The .nft .meta and .Omni extensions
- Buying all dropcatching software used by other dropcatchers and registries
- Buying Opensea and Rarible
- Buying the handshake registry
- Buying DN Journal
- Buying Namebio
- Buying all domain-related podcasts
- Buying all media agencies and freelance sites to boost its offering to end users
- Buying Domaingang for its entertainment division

And finally...

- Buying NamePros

Cue dreaded laugher and moustache twirling


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I am a DN Academy student (member) purchased life membership last year, and just finished undertaking the recent accelerator program offered to DN Academy students. Just about to finish the course requirements in a day or so. I study from Australia and have found Mike to be a very humble, knowledgeable and generous man. In recent times I have had some health and family issues and Mike has been very accommodating with allowing time and assistance with me finalizing the course material.

I have undertaken some short so called domaining courses in the past from some different individuals and these are nothing compared to the DN Academy syllabus. I can only attribute my recent success and sales because of Mike, DN Academy, and also the other awesome instructors Jason, Keith and Aline. All top shelf individuals.

I hope Mike made a killing on the sale and earns a huge salary at GD. He deserves it!
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Can buy all exts, not just individual domain, especially, if it is non-com.


And even if (a TLD is bought / went sold), the owner of a domain name under that TLD remains its owner (aside the point that any domain name is anyway only rented (one is actually the owner of the right to rent it (for the time he renews it))).
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