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Hi can anyone tell me how to push more traffic/views to a selling domain on GoDaddy auctions I’ve got there normal nameservers is that all I need to do?
I see domains up for sale close to what I’m selling and I don’t even get a view and some of the domains have been up for months but the others have multiple bids I must be missing something.
Someone did say something about changing the URL but I have no idea how to do that.

Thanks for reading.
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If you have the domain in the correct category, the only other thing you can do is pay GoDaddy to promoted the domain as a featured listing.

I don't know what you mean about changing the URL but they probably meant directing the nameservers to GoDaddy so that any inbound traffic would be notified of the auction.

GoDaddy is no longer allowing us to auction domains on their website so this is no longer going to be a problem. You can still auction domains on Daaz. For domains hosting on Dynadot, Namesilo and Sav, you can auction those domains on their marketplaces.
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