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  • hi nRnF.

    i´ve been using your site quite a bit over the last couple of years an host around 80 domains with you. my customer number is 5326151.

    there is a .info special for 1.99 USD at the moment, but whenever i put some .info-domains in my shopping-cart you try to charge me 7.88 for each one of them. ;-( this isn´t really the sort of 'special price' i intended to get from you.

    a couple of days ago i contacted the support (WWD) because of this issue, but they told me that only YOU can fix this (because of this 'special pricing' thing).

    so please offer me special prices that are LOWER than normal and still let me take part in 'normal' offers that appear from time to time.

    can you please fix this ASAP? thanks and have a great day,
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