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Feedback about the Owners of Brandbucket, Brandroot and Brandpa. Honesty, Trust & Integrity

Located in Domain Marketplace Reviews started by headsupp, Mar 20, 2019.


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    I understand there are other new marketplaces, but please refrain from adding them to this discussion. I am trying to compare some of the popular Domain Marketplaces currently used and am seeking a marketplace that are rated high in Honesty, Trust & Integrity.

    The three are
    1. Brandbucket
    2. Brandroot
    3. Brandpa

    I was curious on what your experience was, good and bad, for these Domain Marketplaces and how you feel about the Owners. How is/was your treatment and how do/did you feel about your experience?
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    No idea how things are right now, You might read these past threads I dug up, after these fiascos I removed all my names.



    “But one fact remains true => There hasn't been any significant growth in sales ever since BB executives
    decided to flood their inventory from about mid 25K to about 45K with mediocre domains over the past months.”


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    I only have experience with Brandpa. I recently had a domain sell there (my first anly only at BP) for mid 4 figs. Sorry, I don't feel like sharing the name but it was a 4L dot com that never really got exceptional offers before so I was quite pleased.

    And honestly, when I pushed it to their account, I was like "I hope I don't regret this..." The money was wired into my account soon after. :xf.smile: I like that Brandpa includes the wire fee as part of their commission.

    I think that Brandpa has been quite diplomatic / stoic / mature with the rude posters and that's a huge plus with me. No surprise that my experience with them has been calm and drama-free.

    Brandpa is my sweetspot. It has renewed my interest in domaining for profit. (vs "I just like this domain and will buy it just to collect" which I still do.) So I'm a bit more like my former self and I keep an eye open for handregs that I think would work there. I've gotten some accepted at about a 50% rate. I can see doing a few every month as inspiration hits.

    I just laughed when I saw how much BB charges for designing the logo...that fee is probably a huge revenue generator for them. IMHO they are preying on noobs... And I was not impressed with the quality of names there.

    Brandroot didn't make it easy to find out details for selling there so I gave up...

    The other un-named platforms, I've tried a few of the no-cost to me ones with no meaningful results - either no offers or same as offers emailed to me already.
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