domains Exploring and De-risking ccTLD investing with Morgan Linton and Nikul Sanghvi

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Generally reserved for a country, sovereign state or dependent terrority identified with a country code, ccTLD domains have been around since early 1980s — first registered ccTLD was .no in 1983. Only a couple of years, and .us, .uk and .il followed closely by .au, .de, .fi, .is, .kr, .nl and .se.

When venturing beyond the United States, ccTLDs are heavily embraced as a primary way of digital life and business by most countries. It’s not to say that you won’t see or discover the use of legacy extensions, such as .com, .org, or .net. But for the most part, ccTLDs are highly favored over legacy extensions.

In a recent podcast, I had the opportunity to chat with two domain investors, Morgan Linton and Nikul Sanghvi @Nikul Sanghvi, with a fair percentage of ccTLDs making up their domain portfolios. Both Nikul and Morgan recently made time to discuss “the state of ccTLD investing” based on their experience and learn lessons.

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Thanks for having me on @Alvin Brown - really enjoyed this conversation. And as always, some excellent nuggets of wisdom shared by Morgan!
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