* SaaS Exciting News: NameStall is Up for Sale! + Premium Domain Generation with 50+ Tools! + SAAS + Deployed in 2012

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Hey Fellow Domainers! I've got some big news to share. After 12 incredible years of building and nurturing NameStall, we're ready to pass the torch to a new owner.

About NameStall:
NameStall isn't just a website; it's been our passion project. With 50+ powerful tools for domain name generation, it's a haven for domainers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone in need of a stellar online identity.

Why Sell?
Life's journey takes unexpected turns, and currently, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Selling NameStall is a tough decision, but it's the right one for us. We're seeking a new caretaker to continue its legacy.


Frontend: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap5), JavaScript, jQuery
Backend: Server-side scripting with a language PHP (CodeIgniter Framework)
Database: MySQL
Server: Apache, Nginx
Domain-related APIs: Integration with domain registration and management APIs for functionalities like checking domain availability, registering domains via affiliation link, etc.
Hosting: VPS(OVI)
Version Control: Git for version control
Security: SSL for secure data transfer protocol.

What's Included:
- 50+ domain naming and suggestion tools
- Established online presence
- Loyal user base
- Codebase and IP
- Database
- Domain (registered in 2012)
- Potential for growth

Asking Price:
We've set the asking price at $70K, and it's negotiable, though not significantly flexible. We believe this reflects the true value of the platform and its potential in the right hands.

Why NameStall?
- Industry expertise
- A suite of powerful tools
- Organic growth
- Revenue-generating subscriptions
- Room for expansion and innovation

Next Steps:
Interested in becoming the proud owner of NameStall or know someone who might be? Reach out! Let's start a conversation about the future of this incredible platform. We have prepared a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that is available for your review and use.

DM me or comment below for details or email at contact (at) namestall (dot) com.

Let's find NameStall a new home where it can continue to flourish! #NameStallForSale #DomainTools #TechBusinessSale

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