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who else besides me?

at the end of march 2023, 6 PAID Invoices and promises for a month unkept. Actually been YEARS emails\calling almost no traffic my 40 typos wth my dream since I started domaining January 1999 to make it and have yet to make $1 with Epik.. No shame, not even phone service no more or more? I've evidence captures, inside reps/rep closed my support ticket(s) + her emails said promises resolved untrue (only of few renewed). I Paid the price, no atonement for years of selling out on me & they keep on doing it, despite their written apologies to me. whatever!! ..paid for registrations and renewals and all month getting the run-a-around to no avail! Chase advised my to file a fraud case although I was thinking to stay with them my domains for a new start again `til the right people come along apparently ?? Why believe?

- Dennis Zabala


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Today TLD-LIST sent me this email:

Is Going Under?
Many users on and have complained of having paid Epik for domain registrations and renewals, but the domains are not being registered or renewed. According to this post on from user bmugford, Epik has not been active on the forum in months, is millions of dollars in debt, and is currently facing a $307,000 lawsuit from an escrow customer alledging fraud.

Yesterday I decided to test their domain registrations and I registered a new .com domain name with Epik for $9.99. The order went through and I received a .pdf receive via email. But as of today, nearly 15 hours later, the domain name remains unregistered and does not appear in my Epik account.

Do you have domains registered with Epik? Follow this step-by-step guide to transfer them to a different registrar.”
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