Epik doesn't actually register domain names that you purchase

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This is beyond wild, but I ran across a domain name that was a solid gold find. We are opening a feed store and we scored the domain name For a week I told friends and collegues and upcoming business partners that I had scored this incredible domain name. I have receipts from Epik that I registered this and a companion domain on January 16, 2023. I was so excited about it that I waited for the email to come in and for the domain to actually show up in my Epik console. My credit card was charged and I have invoices marked "PAID".

The evening of January 21 I went into my Epik account to configure a website and email. The domain was no longer in my account. I checked and the domain was publicly available for registration. In a panic I went back into Epik and registered the domains a second time. 20 minutes later I received the email confirmation, but the domains were STILL available for public registration. After an hour I went over to my GoDaddy accunt and registered both domain names. Easy peasy they were both instantly registered with GoDaddy and they resolved to GoDaddy parking pages.

I then sent an angry email to Epik asking where my domains were. At midnight I recieved four emails, each telling me that the domains were no longer available and describing how they would not be returning my money but that they had generously applied all the balances to my in store credit.

That's it. For five days the domain name that I was bragging about to everyone was left in the public domain, with no notice from Epik that anything was wrong. The didn't do this just once, they did this four times. I have receipts for 4 domain registrations in the last 5 days, and Epik never actually registered a single of them.

Four times in a row over the course of a week. That's not a random glitch, that's a domain registrar that doesn't actually bother to register domain names.

I have the proof if you want to see the PDF receipts.

"Epik - the domain registrar that doesn't"
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I just forwarded every single domain name that I own on Epik to point to this article
and six more domins that I own on GoDaddy now all redirect to this page
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