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    I know the following seems kind of obvious, but I'm writing this here as a friendly reminder anyway.

    I've seen many posts on here, Twitter and blogs recently regarding many Dynadot auctions being renewed after the winning bidder has paid.

    I'd like to remind you all that you usually have 48 hours to pay with Dynadot after winning an auction. Always leave it until the last 1-2 hours to pay as it greatly mitigates the risk of the domain being renewed by the original registrant and you having your money refunded as Dynadot account credit!

    If the time-frame to pay is not 48 hours, then there will be a timeframe. Leave it as late as possible.

    I have done this on nearly all Dynadot expired auctions I have won and I've had no complaints from Dynadot about it.

    I've only had one case where I paid and had to get it refunded. (The original registrant renewed with like 5 minutes to go...). But any others that were renewed happened before I paid, thus saving me a headache or two.
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    Thanks for the tip Dave, even though many of us are aware of this it is always to remind ourselves. It won't completely stop it from happening but as you mentioned it gives us better chances to make sure that domain will be ours.

    - Will
  3. Dynadot

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    In cases where the original registrant does renew or transfer the domain after you've made payment for the auction order we can have the charge refunded to your original payment method, we would just need to ask you to contact our team with the request.

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