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Hey everyone,

I'm a bit unclear on how to price domains where the keyword/name of the domain has a high monthly search volume. I own a few that have between 220k - 650k searches/mo. with the exact spelling of my domain.

Wondering how to make the most of these domains, either turning them into sites of sorts (blogs with adsense / affiliate links), parking them (from what I've ben reading, not so much worth it anymore) or simply sell them.

Not sure if I have the time to really develop the sites and be on top of them with relevant content and I know that's a large factor with ranking well on Google.

One of the domains is in the male wellness category and is spelled extremely similar (1 letter switched) to a large consumer product and gets around 250k searches/mo. for the spelling of the domain I own. Also looks like some large companies bid on the keyword, between $4 - $16 per click on Google.

Would appreciate any suggestions - thanks!
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parking them

search volume doesn't mean much, if the domains don't receive any unique visitors.

and best way to find out, is to park them.

coincidentally, i have a "well" keyword name parked at sedo, which received 3/$3 clicks the other day.