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I am starting this threat to include some tips, I've noticed, have helped me sell domains more frequently.
I'll periodically add to this as I have things to say or subjects I want to cover.

Always include a BIN
Domainers tend to fall in love with their domains and think that including a BIN will cap their results. You want the customer to fall in love that domain so it isn't costing you renewal fees. You also want a buy who doesn't care about the different between $100-2000 to just pull the trigger and take it off your hands. So set a REALISTIC buy-it-now price and be happy with the fact you can now buy more domains.

Set a sales goal
Often I am thinking what is my goal for cash in my pocket today? $100? $500? $1000? More?
It's all relative to your circumstances but it's important to keep this in mind. You will find yourself combing your portfolio and selling domains you forgot you bought. It helps keep sales flowing and stops you from coming up on that dreaded, renew, or drop choice.

Promote your portfolio
Regardless of your sales platform of choice always have a showcase of your best collection. Even if you are selling a low-rent domain there is a chance a buyer will look and see something else they really want. If you don't promote you are dependent on whois checks to get interested parties.

Always include the vitals
How old is your domain? Was it ever a website? Does it have value from an SEO perspective? IF so, how?
Have there been any recent sales that point towards it as a good investment domain? (I like to check that.). Don't be afraid to invest the time to get all these details in your sales threads. It's a good idea to build a table template so in a way you can standardize your forum(s).

Get on social network groups
There are plenty of "domains wanted" groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. The forums tend to be a lot more sellers than buyers. AKA a buyers market. If you look hard enough you can find threads, groups, and lists where there are domain wanted ads. Be sure to include the vitals when you respond. That may persuade a buyer to pick yours over the other responses.

-More coming soon-
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