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Domain Request Below $10.00? Is this acceptable?

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Should Name Pros Allow Domain Purchase Requests For Less Than $10.00

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  2. No

  3. Any dollar amount should be acceptable

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  1. NonHipster

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    Debate and Discuss.

    Domain purchase requests below $10.00

    When someone posts "Looking to buy domain names" from BB and SH.
    Paying $1.00 to $5.00 per domain.

    There are many more examples that Name Pros members have ranted about.
    Share a some of your own examples.

    Question 1:
    Should Name Pros remove offers like these altogether?

    Question 2:
    Does this type of request give Name PROS the appearance of being a
    "Less than PRO forum"?

    Would love to hear your feedback!
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  2. Bravo Mod Team

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    A couple things to keep in mind:
    1. Buyers sometimes buy domain names in bulk that are otherwise worthless; they use them for purposes where the quality of the domain name and their expiration date do not matter.
      • So, if you have 10 expiring domains that you're not going to renew and a buyer is willing to buy them from you for $9, you may bulk transfer the 10 domains and pocket the $9 (or, perhaps, buy a new domain with it that you will renew).
    2. The buyer requests can be filtered so that you never see $10 or less. For example, you can view only budgets that are greater than $5000.

    Typically, it's not healthy for a market to limit what can be done within it as long as it can serve some legal purpose.

    We hope that helps.

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