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domain name stories

eg when selling a domain name etc

or buying a domain name by accident lol that led to a funny story etc

or are you actually a domain name investor by complete chance and wasn't even thinking about being a domainer but bumped in to someone who kept waffling on about domain names etc

why not share your funny domain name stories here
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Hmmm... okay:

Baaack in the day, interestingly enough, just a few days before Rick Schwartz even reg'd his first domain, I had this idea to reg domains because I saw potential in this new thing called "the internets".

So I made a list of domains, most notably was this list of roughly 500 available as well as some dictionary .coms to reg. So all that was left was to get the Moolahs together: each domain carried a $70 registration fee by Netsol, as you may already know from all the stories on NP.

Anyway, I went on with my day-to-day activities, as anyone of my age would have done at the time, and a few days later, when I had my cash-monies together to reg them, they were all gone! :( I wanted to double check, but then...

I heard a loud noise, which caused me to...

wake up from my dream...

Hmmm... okay:

back in the day i can remember buying s Mitsubishi mobile lol that had wap on it - if only i had realised that at that time i could have sent off for a lot of s and's for free

an o level in hindsight

i would love to hear the story from the seller of the domain and what they bought it for anxious why they sold it ance to hear from the person who bought it and behind the scenes story about selling to Facebook and their thoughts on what it went on to become etc
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