Domain drop times and partner registrars?

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Hey guys, I've been out of the drop game for awhile now and have been trying to find info on the drop times of domains again and who the dropcatchers have as their dropcatching partners (meaning the names don't drop, if they are currently with that registrar then they will go to snapnames, namejet etc).

I found this old post: Domain Name Drop Times and Partner Domains

This however seems to quote a post from 2008, so not sure how current that info is - could someone please help with more current info?

Thanks a lot!
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There are two different systems to keep track of - - PreRelease names - which are basically auctions through partner registrars. You can get those at NameJet or SnapNames. Then the names that aren't part of that network or just weren't ordered there, would go through to Pending Delete. A big block of names get deleted every day between 2 and 3pm EST. That's where you'd need your drop catching service to try and register the name you wanted as fast as possible.
Well watching the drops each day again I'm starting to learn who is who haha
It looks to me like those times are off. Although, you can create a free account with ExpiredDomains.net and find all the domain drop times listed on their homepage once you login.

As for finding the partnering registrars..You may want to check this page out:

Look specifically for the 'Top Registrar Domains' section.
Thanks for that. Though I can't see the drop times listed on ED, all I see is the time they update the lists.
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