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guide Does anyone run a seasonal website or once a year website? Please share your experiences

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I'm looking for some feedback from some of you who might run a website or online business that really only matters once a year or a very short period of time. I am thinking about Halloween or The Super Bowl. These are isolated events in which the income generated and fanfare associated with them would be a couple of weeks leading up to the event, and then perhaps a sharp drop the following weeks, followed by largely little activity in the offseason.

Has anyone had a measure of real success to share? I don't mean a niche site amongst many others that pulls in a meager amount of a few hundred dollars that cumulatively makes it worth it. I am talking about a full-fledged and intentional business, not one that involves creating content and then later forcing a monetization strategy.

Would anyone care to share their successes and failures in this avenue?
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I own a christmas website though I change the domain this year around jan. Made about $20 owning it last Nov(end)-Dec 2016(old domain) The previous owner made estimate $100. I am looking forward to this Dec! Also added a lot more!
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