Do end users visit NP? or is it only domain resellers?

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    do end users visit NP? or is it only domain resellers?

    whats the biggest sale reported on NP? do big ticket items sell here?
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    I do not believe you will get a definite answer, it's not easy to track members and categorize them as reseller or end user. Also, a member can be either one at different times.

    Anyway, it's mostly resellers here, maybe a few end users.

    It depends on the quality of the name.

    Eric answered a similar question in the past about big sales on NP.
  3. Back in the day (2009), namePros was mostly resellers. sure, however, over time, industry changes, and smart brokers, end-users/start-ups have become an every day norm to namePros for getting the best deals on the assets they want to develop into thriving businesses.

    It's no big secret (In any industry) that an end-user finds the best deals going for wholesale/direct, rather than 3rd party.

    In this industry, direct is hand registration at a registrar, second-hand wholesale is the investing reseller, and 3rd party inflation/premium is BIG auction houses and brokers with a business model geared for upselling and maximum returns.

    Brokers are smart and comb reseller platforms for the best deals. They mark-up the price if they can and take a percentage for match making the seller with the buyer (The more it sells for, the more they make). However, the cat's been out of the bag for years and more end-users/start-ups now know where the brokers are getting the wholesale prices at.

    As a new start-up, wouldn't you bypass the 3rd party mark-ups and go directly for wholesale to save some capital that can go back into development and marketing?

    They do too...

    However, as we all know, not all domains are created equal and their value can be on two vary different ends of the spectrum. True value in a domain is genuinely in the eye's of the beholder and what they are confident they can build and profit from it (over time).

    In short, yes, there are end-users/start-ups that frequent namePros for the best deals on domain assets that could potentially become a strong brand for them.
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    As of this posting..
    Screenshot_20190917-220308_Samsung Internet.jpg

    936 people, 211 members, 725 guests and lots of bots.

    Since I am on mobile, could only take a screenshot. Pretty sure more details available on laptop...
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  5. dncafe

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    I don't think there are many non-domainer end users here just browsing domains. If there was an end user to stumble onto NamePros, it would likely be from them googling the domain name they're interested in and finding it for sale here on NP, with the domain in the title.

    The most exposure you're going to get for the domain is with a parked page and a listing on Afternic, which puts your name on popular registrars like GoDaddy, where an end user who doesn't know anything about domains would be searching

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