budget: above $5000 Looking to buy LLLL.com 4 letter domains in bulk deals $200k+

Spaceship Spaceship
Hi all,

- Looking to buy LLLL.com domains in bulk, have $200k+ to spend potentially. Via wire/escrow for bigger deals or paypal for smaller
Will pay market prices.
- only 4 letter .com domains - please do not send any other names here.
- Please send lists of 10+ names with prices only. If there is no price I will assume you're expecting a high end user price and likely will not respond.
- If prices are good I may buy quick, if not I may not respond due to limited time, thanks!
- open to all LLLL.com at current market prices, but strong preference for higher quality names that may fit for end users. I typically buy in bulk and may hold for 10y+ for end user sales.
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