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Got my second domain sale today! New Orleans + 2 keywords .com for $300.00 to end user. I emailed 28 companies and got a call and closed the deal.
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i.Radio.AM sold through for XXX $.

Funny that at the same time I got offer from DAN, I offered it at Namepros Bargain for $5 and no one interested. Luckily the buyer is end user and not been in Namepros, so I managed to delete the Bargain post immediatelly.
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Sold GTAI .io for $750,
but made a stupid newbie mistake by selling it.

First, outbounded to a crypto start-up, whos token is called GTAI.

They did not reply.

Even after discounting price, no replies at all.

I had this before;
nowadays in the web3 / decentralized niche, founders & customers seem to think, a web domain isn't that important; espec. regarding the TLD .

They won't get back at you, but reg. a domain with a totally different TLD they can find and which they think is ok (like .tech, .app, .fyi or whatever...).

Thus, regarding this experience, and not getting any replies, I reduced the price to $988,
keeping it slightly under $1k.

However, I totally forgot that I had 'Make Offer' enabled as well.
In this case, it just does not make sense to reduce the price that low.

Regarding the initial Buy now price, a potential buyer will look forward to get a discount, when making an offer.

And who are you, to insist on the Buy now price, although you enabled the Make offer option?

Buyer won't understand that, and his ego alone will drive him to get a discount.

So, instead of insisting on it and alienate a pot. Buyer, I came towards his Make offer with a slightly higher counter offer, which he accepted.

However, I bet I could have sold the domain to the very same buyer for $1k-$1.2k, if my initial Buy now price would had been $1.5k.

You learn from your mistakes.
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