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Do we need a Deadbeat reporting thread on NamePros?

  1. Yes, definitely

  2. Yes, perhaps

  3. Maybe, maybe not

  4. Probably not

  5. Definitely not

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  1. JB Lions

    JB Lions Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    You have a habit of not being clear.

    "scalable framework for self-policing"

    What does that mean? We're supposed to self police Indians scamming you?

    If this is clear, can somebody else post what Rob actually wants, if you can figure it out. Is this supposed to go endless pages of people guessing.

    Well, they already have a forum for this stuff. But that's not good enough for you since you say it has no "teeth". And we already have existing laws. I guess you already know about liability and why a forum will only go so far. Is this just a setup for yet another Epik product you're thinking of releasing?
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  2. oldtimer

    oldtimer Do some good for humanity and the environment VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Perhaps what Rob means is that he likes to see a unified effort on behalf of the domain Industry to combat fraud.

    @Rob Monster , The problem is those who are well established here are not going to scam you and those who steal domains or buy their own domains off of the sales landers and pocket the payment are out of reach or not worth it to pursue across different continents. You just have to put better safeguards and wetting procedures in place to minimize your losses, but some of it just can't be avoided as any one in business knows.

    The other alternative is to hire a domain bounty hunter who has gun and will travel :)

    PS: I am already tired from doing so much typing on the other Rob's threads so not going to go back and forth here again. ;)
  3. JB Lions

    JB Lions Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Well, you used the word perhaps, which means you have no idea what he's talking about either. oldtimer, what do you feel you could have done better to stop those Indian domainers that scammed him? Doesn't make sense does it. I'll do my part.......Please be nice, don't scam people, you scammers. Is he going to post his future deals and maybe we'll do some group thing and then let him know if we're ok with the deal? I have no idea how NP members were supposed to stop those scammers.
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  4. Hello,

    Historically, namePros has done a few things:
    1. Behind the scenes, namePros works with certain members, bloggers, and companies (Including a large bureau of investigations ;)) to collectively research, stop, and seek justice for fraud committed within the industry.
    2. Publicly, namePros only comments on fraud that took place here and sometimes I have released information to help prevent it from happening again.
    3. Technologically, namePros implements some of the best anti-fraud in the industry, which is why for a site that is completely free to register without any KYC or member verification requirement (E.G., namePros doesn't require sending a text code to your cell phone to sign up), despite all that, there are only a handful of incidents each year. That is largely due to the security systems at namePros that are very effective and world class.
    4. The namePros community (Members) are skilled researchers and when incidents do happen, they tend to uncover a lot publicly which I think dissuades some scammers from trying anything here.

    Hope that helps,
  5. Rob Monster

    Rob Monster CEO, Epik Staff PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Thanks for that. I do think NamePros are unsung heroes -- caped crusaders. I have seen it. This is precisely why I think it would be helpful to have NamePros put some structure around submitting fraud reports. You have meta-data about users that others would not have. I do think you have an opinion on this topic based on work done elsewhere, e.g.:


    I suggest define some rules around acceptable use for reporting a deadbeat, including the option for reporters to edit or retract once an incident has been addressed. The report can then have threaded comments just for that incident. When the incident is cured/solved, the comments also go way. After all, the mission was accomplished.

    I am happy to use this thread in the interim, but it would be great for NP to look into this particular issue with a structured way for reporting, editing, and redacting reports of deadbeats. The problem is far too common. Another NP user just reported a Flippa case here.
  6. offthehandle

    offthehandle . VIP

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    It’s already lawless and full of bad apples and issues, it starts at the top too with some of these companies. Shills, bid bots, partnering in auctions, brandable skewed searches with inside traders, touts, phony get rich schemes, clown courses, domainer tv, etc. These issues are much worse than that one transaction. I sympathize with you, and not dismissing the loss you incurred, but the bigger picture is not pretty.

    I am glad you have taken the interest in working on a integrity system, but you also recently told me you don’t want to be the Sheriff. I have made it my amusing hobby here to call things as I see them. Often topics I comment on are unpopular, but I am not here for Dale Carnegie practice. Common sense, and business ethics can’t be taught, either you have them or you don’t.

    All of the people on this forum posting that get involved here discussing with you their input are all decent people, I don’t think anyone who has a good trader rating would spoil it. The scammers don’t post here afaik. I trust this forum and system, and appreciate the work the mods do to keep things straight.

    Plenty of things could be cleaned up.

    Don’t believe me, Look at Ricks tweets:

    Btw, did you get your check when Chocolate supposedly sold for 7 figures?
    Hopefully you did, and if not you might follow up.
  7. Lox

    Lox _____ VIP

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    ... seriously , no doubt someone will leak information and or method, giving away gift card to scammers. ​
  8. Paul 11

    Paul 11 Established Member

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    One BIG YES to all that!!!!!
  9. The Durfer

    The Durfer Wesley Sweatman VIP

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    sounds like you need a group private messaging feature, where the group thread can decide whether to expose the person or elicit group or not then bring it forth like a report and let the other person defend publicly or follow the correction. While protecting the identity the whole time because what good would it be with a tainted identity going forth either.
  10. Tia Wood

    Tia Wood Account Closed (Requested) VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I don’t think NamePros is the proper place. They usually don’t get involved with outside transactions and they have their limitations. I think what you want would require too much dev and staff resources for a forum.

    Plus, your scenario is not typical, it likely wouldn’t happen outside of a registrar.
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  11. imadoer

    imadoer Top Member PRO VIP

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    Please start the mega game player thread I will contribute every week
  12. Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Doing something is better than doing nothing ... currently there is nothing to really help victims ! ... around 20 years ago I got scammed out of a Hefty sum while buying a domain using and even escrow was not safe or even supportive .. after a domain i bought turned out to be stolen and Netsol returned it to the rightful owner within 2 days of me buying it through .I ask escrow for support ... for the persons real name and address anything to file a police report but refused . Nothing .. no help ... this is why I do not ever use again ! They are as much of scammers as the real thief ..

    Bottom line : if everyone would do what they are suppose to do .. we would not even have such a big problem with scammers and thieves . ... start one of these support sides and I will support the cause as much as I can .. just like everyone else should support it .
  13. NamesCost

    NamesCost Established Member

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    Who are these people?
    Where is the shame wizard when you need him?
  14. Haroon Basha

    Haroon Basha UPRU.COM VIP

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    I love NamePros, and I have been dealing with honorable NamePros members with no issues; so far I have not come across even a single incidence wherein I was cheated by NamePros members. NamePros has a unique image, impeccable image of its pure neutrality, highly discipline and believes and adheres to fair trade policies. There may be a few incidents of frauds for other members, but NamePros has its own combat weapons that will be used against the fraudulent members.
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  15. LarryDomain

    LarryDomain Top Contributor VIP

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    I try to only deal with USA buyers. Too many scams coming from countries like India and other third world countries. Only way I sell to them is via crypto! Paypal is the biggest NONO in the world. I will also accept bank transfers. Escrow can be dangerous too..
  16. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes Top Member NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    I voted probably not for the reasons that various people have already outlined.

    I wonder though, if there is reason to consider it from the opposite side. That is some sort of a list of reputable domain buyers and sellers, with clear criteria to get in that list. Then the danger someone takes in doing something wrong is that they would drop out of that list.

    Now some would still choose to do deals, especially small ones, with those not on the list, but above some level perhaps most would not.

    I would think to be included in a directory of positive sellers would require at least
    1. Full disclosure of real identity.
    2. Some minimum amount of time in domain investing.
    3. A record of successful transactions (like the trade reviews here, but on a wider scale).
    4. No reported infractions that a third party deemed warranted.
    5. Agreement to a code of professional conduct for domain investors.
    6. Membership in NamePros.
    Now the down side is that someone would need to run the system and there would be some cost no doubt.

    Now already with the careful work that NamePros do with respect to transactions gone wrong and investigating complaints, and keeping the trade reviews etc., I think we are close to it already. If someone has been on NamePros for the better part of a year, has done some transactions and gotten positive reviews, I feel OK dealing with them.

    Anyway, just a Saturday afternoon idea.

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  17. barybadrinath

    barybadrinath Restricted (15-30%)

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    Sir why not register a complaint against them In India.
    If you want I will do that on your behalf. It's very sad and unfortunate, that these so called Indians are doing fraud.
  18. MasterOfMyDomains

    MasterOfMyDomains Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Great idea, people need to be held accountable in this business.

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