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Do we need a Deadbeat reporting thread on NamePros?

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.
  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.

Rob Monster

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The industry is maturing and new people are coming into it from around the world. At the same time, scammers are getting more sophisticated. Some of them use real, valid credit cards but then initiate chargebacks after cashing out their bogus sale. Some of these folks apparently think nothing of using their real identities to engage in blatant crimes -- digital shoplifting.

Unfortunately, the domain industry does not have a viable law enforcement. In order to mature, the industry has to become effective at self-policing, and self-correcting. In a world of growing wealth inequality, there will be more people doing desperate things. This is regrettable, and cannot be tolerated since it makes it harder for everyone to do business, and puts a bad light on the industry. I would like to see a constructive solution.

For calibration, last month alone, Epik had more than $10,000 in writedowns from 4 Indian domainers who worked together on a single scam involving cash-out to BTC. They know who they are. We have given them a month to sort themselves out and replace the funding source but with no remedy. I think we need a thread where this nonsense gets exposed so that more folks don't get scammed, and so that thugs leave the industry.

I am thinking something like this:

- Allow the deadbeat a reasonable time to fix their error, e.g. at least 7 days but preferably 30 days.

- Give them plenty of fair warning that they will be exposed.

- Bring incontrovertible evidence of the crime and the criminal.

- Allow the information to be retracted/edited once the crime has been corrected.

What do you think?
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Thanks for reassuring us Eric.
Sure a lot of members in this thread we havent seen for eons.
As for deadbeats, their thieves too. One is even a pro here 👍
Deadbeat thief pro and his stooge.
Keep up the great work🙏

Historically, namePros has done a few things:
  1. Behind the scenes, namePros works with certain members, bloggers, and companies (Including a large bureau of investigations ;)) to collectively research, stop, and seek justice for fraud committed within the industry.
  2. Publicly, namePros only comments on fraud that took place here and sometimes I have released information to help prevent it from happening again.
  3. Technologically, namePros implements some of the best anti-fraud in the industry, which is why for a site that is completely free to register without any KYC or member verification requirement (E.G., namePros doesn't require sending a text code to your cell phone to sign up), despite all that, there are only a handful of incidents each year. That is largely due to the security systems at namePros that are very effective and world class.
  4. The namePros community (Members) are skilled researchers and when incidents do happen, they tend to uncover a lot publicly which I think dissuades some scammers from trying anything here.

Hope that helps,