NameSilo Sold for $250k ..and some excellent advice

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    Not my Sale just sharing ....Reported on DomainNameWire

    "Shane Kinsch sold the domain name. According to Whois, technology company Cumberland Group acquired the domain name."

    Story link below!

    Awesome sale and sharing due to the fact I found this phrase from the report worth sharing and one would do well to remember next time you find yourself in negotiations with a Brandable that you own, when you have multiple endusers interested.

    "“Any company negotiating for a brandable domain should realize that once it’s sold to another company, it’s likely there will never ever be another opportunity again to own that valuable domain name,” said Kinsch.

    Wow the above words really puts thoughts into perspective, and I will point this out as a selling point, next time I'm in the drivers seat of a future sale!

    congrats to Shane and the buyer!

    ps...If you did not read this was a 20yr hold on a hand reg (y)
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    Nice sale, congrats to both parties involved.

    The thing about this sale is the fact that the owner had held the domain for 20 years after registering it with the belief in it's value. This is the kind of domaining that it seems few domainers can aspire too.

    Also of note is the small piece of information concerning the price - it was 'net of fees'. ;)
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