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.com finally sold!


Daniel Owens

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CPU Sold for about what it's worth if it went for $180,000 that is 6 times the average 3L .com sale and that is because of it being high quality computer related. Old domain I see since 1990 which is not surprising. They probably weren't the original owner but in a case where a person was that would be fantastic ROI! Maybe, they weren't original owner but they paid like $10,000 for it in 2006 or something.
In line with what we saw at the NamesCon auction, lower than average acquisitions. Several three characters sold within 20k, 30k range, this is a much better one, so much higher, but $1M hay-days are over.

I don't think they're over in that there are still domains worth over $1M. I just don't think they're being shifted around nowadays and are getting/have been developed. A coup though for flippa - they're trying to play with the big boys. Definitely a place for buyers and not sellers.
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The gem of a domain name was projected to sell for over 1m but surprisingly it sold for $180K.

Good or bad deal?
BAD deal, last year that domain had a 660 bid on Namejet but did not met the reserve of 1M. Then the same owner listed for sale at Flippa twice with No success at all.
It seems that the owner is frustrated for not getting a High 6 figure bid on any marketplace...