Cosmotown's Merry Giveaway is Now in Week 2

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Hello, NamePros Community!

Cosmotown's 3-week giveaway is now on week 2. We kicked off this week's fun on Monday.

This week's mechanics is simply to like the day's giveaway tweet on Twitter on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
On Facebook, the mechanics are similar but posts will only be put up on Tuesday and Thursday.

It's not too late for you to join the festivities! You can also like the previous days' tweets/posts. Your entries will still be counted.

See you on our socials: Twitter & Facebook

P.S. Prize for this week is free renewal OR registration.
P.P.S. You're the first to know the prize for this week's giveaway. ;)

Giveaway Week 2 - Twitter (1).png
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