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    I just wanted to ask for a large company (with thousands of employees worldwide) would it make sense to contact the CMO or another department making decisions about domain names etc? Would you contact an agency representing the large company?

    Also in relation to domain brokers how would you know which broker would have contacts with a specific company?
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  3. deez007

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    You can also check their website to see of the site was designed by an external company. Most of the time if this is the case you will see the web design company name being mentioned on the bottom of the site some where. Then you can contact the web design company and ask them if they could find out from the company in question if they would be interested in the domain. Offer the web design company a finders fee (10% of the sale maybe) if you want, this might encourage them to proactively sell the domain to the company in question . The web design company would likely have a direct line to the person in charge of web marketing.
  4. sofiapartner

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    That's a great advice, @deez007 . Never thought of that so far.
  5. Kate

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    Sounds like a good idea in theory, but I have never seen a webdesign guy/company suggesting to buy a good domain or buy one on the aftermarket. In fact the webdesign guys have no clue about what makes a great domain name, or branding in general. That's why their customers are equally ignorant -_-

    OP: domain quality is important, and timing is important too. End users usually buy only when they have a present need for an ongoing project. It's hard to sell people stuff they don't need, even though they might needed it later. So we prefer to wait for end users to contact us, because the balance of power is then in our favor.
  6. infosec3

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    I don't know if the suggestion deez007 makes could work. Maybe it does. What I do know is that whenever and end-users tells me, "Let me discuss it with my IT guy", that end-user is not coming back. So, if Web designers are like IT guys, there's no hope there.
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    For big companies, 7 out of 10 times you can be able to find the contact information for the CEO, Marketing Manager or head of the company if you conduct a careful and well thought Google search for name, email, etc.
  8. deflee79

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    I use, it's a great service and is free for up to 150 request per month. You can find out the pattern for thier corporate email structure and also it shows you found email address links related.
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    Absolutely. It's been my experience that web support guys are the last people you want to be dealing with.
  10. johname

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    What happens is a three party relationship. 1 Enduser 2 Web Guy(can be IT, Marketing, etc) and you the 3 Domain owner.

    The two (2-3) lives off the first (1)

    This is where things can fall off a cliff in a hurry (and why I hate dealing with the Web Guy.)

    2 has a relationship with 1 Before 1 ever knows about 3

    1 feels he can trust 2. 2 feels he has control of 1

    2 wants to look like the expert in all things internet to 1 no matter what.

    Also 2 wants his hands deeper in the pocket of 1 than anyone else involved in the web project.

    So 2 is often smart enough to know it would be best to have the domain 3 owns, so there is some effort to acquire it..

    But 2 never going to let 1 think 3 knows more about the web/domain industry.

    2 feels the need to be the go between to maintain control over 1, so 3 often never gets to talk directly to 1

    So no matter what price 3 asks for the domain, 2 tells 1 it is over priced (to look to 1 as the expert and having 1's best interest) .

    1 gets the math that building a website and marketing is hourly work. 1 doesn't often get why a '10 dollar" domain is priced "outrageously" by 3 that only did the work of lifting a credit card.

    1 believes 2 and ends up with a hand reg domain (but not always lol)

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