Companies brand their products to domains I registered!

Located in Domain Beginners started by Karluch, Aug 9, 2019.


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    I am a novice pretty much to this industry. I have held domains for about 7 or 8 years now. 2 of them companies have branded their product using another extension. I reached out to both and 1 a Canadian company that is publicly traded started in on the lawyer talk. I gave up my name, address etc. I could care less I am not frightened. They are using the .ca extension and I registered the .com prior to their rebranding. The other is a Belguim company and they never responded. My question is, what good is it to think of these brands when others can just go ahead and register another the .net or similar unless of course I trademark but that could get expensive. Also building sites for each is time consuming etc. Thanks if anyone would care to recommend a course of action..
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    Many times they later want the dot com and are willing to pay for the com. In this case, not sure if that will happen. If they have trademarks you should not be contacting at all.

    If the names are applicable to any other industry or usage I would just put them up with a buy it now somewhere.
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    Generally speaking from what I know if you registered the domain before they were a registered company they shouldn't be able to hold much over you and it will often be in their own best interest to buy it out from you rather than do it the expensive legal way. One option is to try to sell them a bit quicker if you don't want to deal with any headaches that may ensue, but that's your call.
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    I asked similar question earlier and found nice answers.

    I remember my brother bought a domain from someone which was related to Facebook. Facebook wrote him to take down the domain or to let it expire which he did.
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    Avoid forwarding the name server to landing page with advert.
  6. MapleDots

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    I can answer the .ca part for you.

    If the Canadian Company does business only in Canada then chances are they are just blowing steam and will not pursue it. It can very easily be argued that they already have their Canadian presence domain and that is all they are entitled to.

    If they do business outside of the country then there is a reason to be concerned because you contacted them. Even so I would not be overly worried.

    PM me the info on the Canadian company and the domain and I may even be able to help you move it. I have lots of experience in the Canadian market and would know how to approach this.

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