NameSilo, auctioned at Sedo 03/18, stolen

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  1. Nametree

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    For one reason or another I thought to visit today, remembering that it sold early 2018 in an auction I had been watching. Out of curiosity, I also visited, and was surprised to see this claim referring to, and sold for just over $10k at Sedo, and is now listed for $200k+. I vaguely remember seeing for sale this year, but I can't find any record for it so I may be wrong.

    Either way, just a warning - yet another case of a stolen name successfully selling at Sedo.
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  2. Chris Hydrick

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    WHOIS History Breakdown for

    WHOIS Updated Date: 2018-03-10T14:29:18Z On March 10th, 2018, WHOIS record changed Registrant Organization from long time registrant Weapon of Transparency to Domains By Proxy, LLC. The domain remained at GoDaddy.

    NameBio: Sale March 31st, 2018 for $10,099 via @Sedo


    WHOIS Updated Date: 2018-04-06T08:25:01Z On April 6th, 2018, WHOIS changed from Domains By Proxy, LLC to Sedo, LLC (Transfer Service)

    WHOIS Updated Date: 2018-06-08T20:17:40Z On June 8th, 2018, WHOIS registrar changed from GoDaddy (tagging @Paul Nicks to inform a GoDaddy rep) to (tagging Domain Protection Services, Inc.

    **WHOIS History from
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  3. vikki88

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    Thanks for the info
  4. Chris Hydrick

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    Digging a little deeper...


    Archive Screenshot of on March 18th, 2018 shows:


    April 11th, 2018 screenshot shows the domain pointed to an efty landing page.


    If the alleged original owner hasn't already, he might want to consider reaching out to the decency of the new owners, explain the situation, and humbly ask each Sedo buyer to share the sellers information. -- short of taking an official legal approach subpoenaing appropriate parties.

    If one buyer reveals the seller information, he can ask the other buyers to simply confirm or deny if they purchased the domain from the same seller. Even if the domains were sold by the same seller, WHOIS updates would need to be confirmed to ensure the domains weren't quickly sold to an unknowing SEDO seller, as unlikely as it may seem.
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  5. Praveen Chidaboyina PRO VIP Gold Account

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    I have placed bids on this auction and I guess it was $x,xxx USD bid(s)!
  6. Restricted (15-30%)

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    Very strange. I don't say who own lie , but the domain is for sale on Sedo ( the seller have account since 2017 from US ) ( as you say @Nametree ) also for sale on Sedo , seller have account since 2005 / US
    IMO i think this person is frustrated because sell this domains cheap
    By the way sold on Sedo with 211 $ back in 2018 .
    So Ben Seattle ( if is real name ) say someone stole etc..but who did not succeed with ..really ?!
    I think ( imo ) this person try or want to try to steal the other domains ..but this is my opinion based on what i see
  7. MapleDots

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    Wow, might as well ask for the moon and the sky too, that's a lot of help for free.

    If I was the domain owner, I would consider the value of the domains and hire a proper domain lawyer to represent me. If he absolutely cannot afford it he could always ask for financial backers based on the value of the domains.

    I find it kind of interesting that when people lose a domain to fraud they automatically want to be represented for free. What is it about the domaining industry that gives us such entitlement?

    If it were me, and I truly could not afford it, I would at least say whoever helps me to successfully regain the domains will get a percentage share of the sale when the domains sell.
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  8. CraigD

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    If they were stolen, the first thing I would do is contact my local police department.
    Theft is a crime.
    You don't need a lawyer to prove that a crime has occurred.
  9. King

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    I just wanted to say f*ck communism

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